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Pursuit Of Excellence

Appreciation resides where excellence reigns! we are proud to be recognized by
numerous bodies for our commitment to doing the business the right way.

National Awards for Business Excellence 2021

We are surgical industry experts who pride ourselves on being educated professionals on the cusp of innovation. That is reflected in being awarded the National Award for Business Excellence 2021, and certainly held true this year as many cutting-edge and innovative technologies were recognized.

Pride of Bharat 2021

We are the recipients of Pride of Bharat 2021 for our determination and contribution to the progress of the medical industry.
We, with an exclusive knowledge about the requirements of medical equipment, surgical instruments,
and ventilators envisioned taking Inorbvict to the next level by building a reputation through quality goods and services.

Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021

We are recognized as one of the top women entrepreneurs Of The Year 2021 for our innovative approach & clutter-breaking ideas that have created positive changes in the business and social ecosystem in India. Moving a step further from ‘empowerment’, we are acknowledged for opening up new opportunities for ourselves & for others.


Indian Brands of the Year 2019

We were among the top Indian Brands of the year 2019 and recognized for our excellence and achievements with proven results at the health system and facility level in multiple areas including quality and patient safety, corporate social responsibility, innovations in service delivery at affordable costs, and healthcare leadership and management practices.

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The winner of Business Excellence 2018

We pride ourselves on being the winner of Business Excellence 2018, for our contributions to the industry by innovating for increased efficiency, affordability, and improved performance of healthcare delivery at large.

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