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Thermo Fisher Midi CO2 Incubator, For Labrotory Use

Thermo Fisher Midi CO2 Incubator, For Labrotory Use

  • Brand Thermo Fisher
    Capacity 1.4 cu.ft.,40L
    Data Outputs RS485
    Humidity Delivery Water Pan
    Chamber Material Polished Stainless SCO2 Concentration Range teel
    Electrical Requirements 120V 60Hz
    CO2 Concentration Range 0 to 20%
    CO2 Sensor Technology TC Sensor
    Relative Humidity Greater Than 90% at 37 Deg C
    Temperature Range Ambient +5 Deg to 50 Deg C
    Certifications and Compliance CE,UL,cUL
    Dimensions 14x12x14 in (35.5x30.5x35.5cm) Interior,23.5x18.5x18 in. (59.7x47x46.5cm) Exterior (LxWxH)
    Net Weight 60 lb,28kg

    Product Description

    Safely and efficiently operate Thermo Scientific™ Midi 40 CO2 Incubators. They use the Thermo Scientific™ IntrLogic™ II microprocessor-based control system with alphanumeric setpoint display of temperature, CO2, alarm, calibration, and diagnostic functions. Enhanced microprocessor-based IntrLogic II control provides comprehensive control, monitoring and display of all incubator systems for safe, efficient operation. This is a fully featured 1.4 cu. ft. (40L) incubator occupying less than 2 sq. ft. (0.6m2) of space.

    Direct Heat Chamber

    • 40L (1.4 cu. ft.) compact chamber provides a convenient, personalized culture space for small projects or quarantine
    • Standard right-hand door swing
    • Seamless stainless steel interior chamber with coved corners for easy cleaning
    • Radiant wall heating provides accurate, uniform temperature with natural air convection
    • 4 stainless steel shelves with removable humidity pan
    • Reinforced cabinet permits stacking
    • TC (thermal conductivity) CO2 sensor for long, reliable operation
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