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Selectra Pro XL Biochemistry Analyzer

Selectra Pro XL Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Automation Fully Automatic
    Instrument Name Biochemistry Analyzer
    Model Name/Number Pro XL
    Usage/Application Hospital
    Brand Selectra
    User Input Touch
    Dimensions 117 x 115 x 80 cm (W x H x D excl. Monitor)
    Temperature 15-32 DegreeC
    Languages English,Spanish and Portuguese,other languages on request


    Altitude up to 2000m
    Temperature 15-32 DegC
    Dimension 117 x 115 x 80 cm (W x H x D
    Humidity 15-88% RH
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Power 380 VA max
    Voltage 100 -240 Vac
    Weight 190 Kgs
    Brand Selectra
    Model Pro XL
    Plumbing No dedicated water system or drain required
    Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

    Product Description

    The latest in the new Selectra Pro Series, the Selectra ProXL is the most productive and fully featured Selectra Pro System with an enhanced ergonomic design. New system features integrate the Touch-Screen Panel PC, improved reagent cooling and an optimized ISE module to deliver performance, space and productivity enhancements.


    Together with a superior menu of ready-to-use stable-liquid reagents from ELITech Clinical Systems, the new Selectra ProXL System provides a state of the art, fully integrated chemistry.


    With random access and typical throughput of 400 tests per hour, the Selectra ProXL System is a compact, self-contained floor standing solution for primary, STAT or back-up testing. This new system offers minimal maintenance and efficient use of consumables to truly reduce operational cost.

    Building on the successful Selectra Family, the Selectra ProXL Chemistry System offers an ideal solution of proven quality, performance and value to get the job done with results laboratories can trust, every time and on time.




    Capability that improves lab operations

    Optimized with ELITechGroup Clinical Systems Reagents:

    When combined with the broad new ELITechGroup Clinical Systems test menu, the innovative system design increases the user-friendliness and efficiency of the Selectra ProXL.The enhanced reagent supply provides flexibility in reagent containers and increased on-board stability. Bar coded reagents streamline operations and reduces error. Optimum sized packaging further enhances efficiency

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