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Refurbished Ge Healthcare Brivo Ct325 CT Scan Machine

Refurbished Ge Healthcare Brivo Ct325 CT Scan Machine

  • Brand GE
    Model Name/Number CT325
    Machine Condition Refurbished
    Machine Type Open
    Magnet Type Permanent
    Bore Size 60 cm
    Max. Amplitude 45 mT/m
    Max. Slew Rate 120 T/m/s


    • Improving the quality of healthcare around the world isa goal we all share.
    • But this can be a daunting challenge,with patients that may be spread across vast remote orrural regions.
    • Enter the Brivo(TM) CT325 - part of the GE healthymagination initiative to make high-quality CT accessible and cost effective.


    • With its ultra-compact design, the Brivo CT325 fits easily into just about anywhere, including even the most confined operator or scan room.
    • Boasting one of the smallest footprints in the market, this space-saving system allows you to fit more productivity into a smaller room.
    • This small, easy-to-use system also helps you fit in more patients.
    • By reducing the number of steps needed to position and release the patient, the table design helps streamline CT exam workflow and increase throughput.
    • The Brivo CT325 delivers the speed, power, and resolution required for all types of routine CT applications. The reliability,high image quality, and effective productivity you need in a small compact design.
    • Capable. Attainable. Reliable. Easy to use. The Brivo CT325 is the type of system that can make a world of difference.Today and into the future.

    Brivo CT325 features:

    • Volume Analysis allows you to manage 3D and 2D imaging in real time.
  • List number: - R

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