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Optical Coherence Rs3000 Advance 2 & Rs3000 Advance Lite Tomography

Optical Coherence Rs3000 Advance 2 & Rs3000 Advance Lite Tomography

  • Any Surgery Done Earlier No
    Principle Spectral domain OCT
    Scan range X: 3 to 12 mm Y: 3 to 9 mm Z: 2.1 mm
    OCT light source SLD,880 nm
    Scan speed Up to 85,000 A-scans / s
    Image averaging Up to 120 images
    Dimensions / Mass 380 (W) x 524 (D) x 515 (H) mm / 34 kg 15.0 (W) x 20.6 (D) x 20.3 (H)" / 75 lbs.
    List No. r

    Product Description

    Principle:- Spectral domain OCT
    Optical resolution:-Z: 7 µm, X-Y: 20 µm
    Scan range:-X: 3 to 12 mm
                       Y: 3 to 9 mm
                       Z: 2.1 mm
    OCT light source:-SLD, 880 nm
    Scan speed:-Up to 85,000 A-scans / s
    Image averaging:-Up to 120 images
    Normative database area:-9 x 9 mm (macula), 6 x 6 mm 
    Internal fixation lamp:-637 nm
    External fixation lamp:-630/565 nm
    Auto alignment:-Z direction
    Minimum pupil diameter:- ø2.5 mm
    Focus adjustment range:--15 to +10 D (VD=12 mm)
    Working distance:-35.5 mm
    Display:-Tiltable 8.4-inch color LCD
    Power supply:- AC 100, 120, 230 V 50/60 Hz

  • List number: - R

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