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Mindray Wato EX 65 Pro Anesthesia Machine

Mindray Wato EX 65 Pro Anesthesia Machine

  • Model Name/Number WATO EX 65 Pro
    Brand Mandry
    Automation Grade Automatic
    Positioning Trolley
    Power 220v
    Voltage 220
    Is It Portable Portable


    Model Number Wato Ex 65 Pro
    Brand Mindray
    Positioning Portable
    Automation Grade Semi-automatic
    Weight 120 Kg
    Display Type 15.1 inch high resolution display
    Number Of Wheels 4
    Dimension 1350 x 700 x 610 mm
    Side of Machine 370mm
    Brakes Individual Locking
    Display Size 10.4 in Diagonal
    Pressure range 0.28~0.6MPa

    Product DescriptionMore Precise...

    • With new integrated innovative functions, the new WATO EX-65 Pro enables you to precisely control the system as well as different types of patient easily.
    • Visualizing the System Self-test procedure and smart alarm management with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps.

    More Visible...

    • With a 15.1 inch high resolution display, intuitive touch user interface. The WATO EX-65 Pro makes anesthesia process more visible.

    More Cost Effective...

    • As a multifunctional anesthesia workstation, WATO EX-65 Pro is designed with cost in mind.
    • Lower flow becomes possible with Optimizer, which helps reducing the usage of anesthetic agent. The much longer life span flow sensors makes the maintenance much easier.
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