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Maglumi 2000 Plus Hematology

Maglumi 2000 Plus Hematology

  • Model Name/Number MAGLUMI 2000 Plus
    Brand Snibe Maglumi
    Manufacturer Series 2000 Plus
    Output Type Digital
    Current 0.5 A
    Sample Mode Whole Blood
    Chamber Type Double Chamber
    Number of Assays 90
    Sample Types Plasma,Serum


    Principle of Luminescence
    Non-enzyme involved flash chemiluminescence, long stability of reagents
    ABEI label, stable in acid and alkaline solution

    Modes of Operation
    Random, Batch and STAT

    Sample Loading
    Up to 144 primary tubes
    Continuous loading, STAT available 
    Barcode reader recognition or analyzer auto numbered
    LIS connection, auto read sample info
    Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply

    Reagent Loading
    25 reagents on board
    Continuous loading
    RFID reading all info of reagents 
    Refrigerated reagent area

    Reagent Features
    Integrated kit, ready-to-use, no pretreatment required
    Integrated kit including calibrators
    Using superparamagnetic micrbeads
    RFID tag storing all info of reagent
    RFID tag with built-in master curve
    2-point calibration to adjust master curve
    Calibration stability: Max 4 weeks

    Other Features
    Clot detection
    Liquid level detection for reagent
    Optional ratio for sample dilution
    Auto dilution for high concentration sample
    Constant 37 incubation
    15-30 Operating Temperature

    Operation System
    Windows XP
    HP compatible (Dual-core CPU)
    Color touch screen

    Connection to LIS via COM or network card
    Direct operation on LIS system to test

    Dimensions Weight
    144×76×152cm, 228kg

  • List number: - R

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