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Dry Block Heating/Cooling System PCH-1 & 2

Dry Block Heating/Cooling System PCH-1 & 2

  • Voltage 220
    Power Electrical
    Heater Material aluminium
    Brand Biolinux
    Display Type TFT
    Number Of Tube 12
    Temperature Range -10 to 100
    List No. r


    • Ingenious block construction, combined with powerful Peltier cooler, produces very rapid heating and cooling
    • Dry temperature control system maintains a clean and vibration-free working environment
    • With the rapid heat-up capability of the PCH, the DNA denaturation temperature of 95ºC is quickly reached. An audible alarm signals denaturation time-up, and the samples can then be rapidly cooled again, ready to load the electrophoresis gels.
    • A 2-line LCD display clearly indicates both set and actual values for temperature and time. Works in combination with simple push buttons for easy set-up.
    • Flexible tube sizes and rapid heat-up/cool-down times enables swift change of application
    • Block holds a combination of two microtube sizes simultaneously – up to a total of 32 tubes: 12 x 1.5 ml plus 20 x 0.5 ml

    Specifications :

    Temperature setting range   ºC -10 to 100
    Temperature control range   ºC 30ºC below ambient to 100ºC
    Stability   ±ºC 0.2
    Uniformity @10ºC ±ºC 0.5
    Setting resolution   ºC 0.1
    Heat-up rate RT to 100ºC ºC/min >10
    Cool-down rate 100ºC to RT ºC/min >10
      RT to -10ºC ºC/min >2
    Capacity microtubes   12 × 1.5ml plus 20 × 0.5ml
    Overall dimensions w/d/h mm 225/195/161
    Input voltage   V   dc 12 via 110/230 universal power adaptor
    Input type     ac (50 – 60Hz)
    Input current   A 0.5
  • List number: - R

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