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Double Beam Fixed Spectro MS ICP MS Spectrometer

Double Beam Fixed Spectro MS ICP MS Spectrometer

  • Model Name/Number Two N FT-NIR
    Brand PerkinElmer
    Material Mild Steel
    Voltage 220 V
    Usage/ Application Laboratory
    Depth 30.0 cm
    Detector Type LiTaO3
    Height 21.0 cm
    List No. r


    High Performance FT-NIR That Goes Where You Go

    Spectrum Two N FT-NIR spectrometer distills 75 years of PerkinElmer spectroscopy into a compact, high-performance yet robust FT-NIR. Simple to use, dependable and adaptable with optimized “plug-and-play” sampling accessories and modules coupled with a comprehensive software platform, Spectrum Two N systems are suited to a wide range of applications. Whatever your specific NIR application needs, in or out of the lab, the Spectrum Two N delivers outstanding performance and reliability to provide high-performance, dependable NIR measurement solutions.

    Spectrum Two N FT-NIR spectrometers feature:

    • Standard, high-performance, room-temperature LiTaO3 (lithium tantalate) NIR detector
    • Optional, high-sensitivity, temperature stabilized InGaAs detector for use in quantitative, low light applications
    • Standard Atmospheric Vapor Compensation (AVC), Absolute Virtual Instrument (AVI), and Automatic Performance Verification (APV) for accurate and reproducible results anywhere
    • Optional Spectrum Two N Portability Pack enabling wireless connectivity, battery powered operation, and convenient transport with the dedicated Spectrum Two N carry case

    For Every Application

    PerkinElmer recognizes that every application is different. The result is a complete solution to provide the fastest assurance of the quality of your materials, regardless of the application. Some of the industry applications that the Spectrum Two N is designed to accommodate include:

    • Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
    • In-service lubricants and fuels
    • Environmental
    • Polymers
    • Academia

    For these specific applications, we offer various “plug-and-play” sampling accessories and modules enhancing the versatility of the Spectrum Two N FT-NIR.


    21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
    Depth 30.0 cm
    Detector Type LiTaO3
    Height 21.0 cm
    Operating Range 5 - 45 °C
    Portable Yes
    Product Brand Name Spectrum Two N
    Product Group Instrument
    Research Areas Food & Agriculture
    Warranty 1 Year
    Weight 13.0 kg
    Width 45.0 cm
  • List number: - R

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