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Digital X Ray Flat Panel Detector CSI Wired For Hospital Use

Digital X Ray Flat Panel Detector CSI Wired For Hospital Use

  • Brand All
    Generator Capacity 100 mA
    Machine Type Portable (Mobile)
    Power Supply Volts 220 V
    Power Supply Frequency 50 Hz
    Generator Type High Frequency
    Operation Mode Automatic
    Dimensions 46x46x1.5 cm
    I Deal In New Only
    List No. r


    Model Name/Number 4343A
    Dimensions 46x46x1.5 cm
    Spatial Resolution 3.6LP/mm
    Weight 3.8kg Wired
    Detector Technology a-Si
    Scintillator CSI
    Image Size 43X43 CM (17x17 Inch )
    Pixel Matrix 3072x3072 Pixel
    Pixel Pitch 140 mu m
    Minimum Detectable Dose 14nGy (CSI)
    Maximum Linear Dose 110mu Gy ( CSI) RQA5
    Ghost <0.25% (300 mu Gy, 60s)
    Image Acquisition Time 2.5 s ( Wired)
    X-Ray Voltage Range 40-150 kV
    Battery Standby Time 8 hours
    Data Interface GigE/802.11 ac
    Power Dissipation 20 watt
    Voltage AC 100-240V
    Housing Material Carbon, Alloy
    Water Tightness IPX3



  • List number: - R

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