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Carestream Dental CBCT Machine Floor Mounted

Carestream Dental CBCT Machine Floor Mounted

  • Brand Carestream
    Model Name/Number CS 8100 3D
    Machine Type Floor Mounted
    Scan of Head
    Power Supply Volts 220 V
    Power Supply Frequency Above 50 Hz
    Scan Modes Cephalometric
    Reconstruction Time of Scan 1.98 TO 14 SEC. FOR 2D / 7 TO 15 SEC. FOR 3D
    Sensor Type CMOS


    Brand carestream
    Usage/Application dental imaging
    Model Name/Number Carestream CS 8100 OPG
    Tube voltage 60-90 kV
    Tube current 2 - 15 mA
    Frequency 140 kHz
    Tube focal spot 0.5 mm
    Tube filtration > 2.55 mm eq. AL
    Input voltage 100-240 V 50/60Hz
    Panoramic Sensor technology CMOS
    Panoramic Image field 6.4 x 131.2 mm 6.4 x 120 mm (pediatric)
    Panoramic Gray scale 4096 - 12 bits
    Panoramic Magnification 1.2 (+- 10%)
    Panoramic Exposure mode 4 patient sizes (Child. Adult small,medium,large) and 3 dental arch morphology (normal,square)
    Panoramic Exposure time 2 to 12.5 seconds
    Cephalometric Sensor technology CMOS
    Cephalometric Image field 6.4 x 263.3 mm
    Cephalometric Gray scale 16384 - 14 bits
    Cephalometric Magnification 1.13 (+- 10%)
    Cephalometric Exposure time 3 to 10 seconds
    Dimensions Without ceph arm 330 (L) x 936 (D) x 1596 (H) mm - With ceph arm 1842 (L) x 936 (D) x 1596 (H) mm
    Minimum required space Without ceph arm 1200 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H) mm - With ceph arm 2000 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H)

    Product DescriptionOptimal Positioning: 

    • The CS 8100 is designed to make positioning patients quick and simple. 
    • It is easily accessible for patients standing or sitting, and in wheelchairs. 
    • The OPG has three anatomical programs intuitively adapt to patients’ jaw morphology. 
    • The Open design, face-to-face positioning and clear instructions of the CS 8100 help position patients correctly.
    • The CS 8100 has a high-frequency generator which ensures radiation remains constant for optimal contrast.
    • the powerful artifact-free filters enhance contrast and sharpness with a single click
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