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Buchi Rotavapor R-300 Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Buchi Rotavapor R-300 Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

  • Brand Buchi
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Model Name/Number Rotavapor R-300
    Dimension (W x D x H) Shipping Box 700 x 590 x 605 mm
    Dimensions (W x D x H) With Glass Apparatus V 607 x 429 x 947 mm
    Weight 13.5 kg
    Power Supply 240 VAC +- 10%
    Power Consumption (Typical) 100 Watt
    Ingress Protection Rating IP21
    Immersion Angle 50 Degree
    Vertical Adjustment Range 220 mm
    Limit Position Detection Adjustment Range 170 mm
    Rotation Speed Range 280 RPM
    Max. Flask Capacity 3 kg
    Approval CE/CSA

    Product DescriptionSmart distillations

    • Destillation process gets smarter every day
    • Optimized productivity, streamlined processes and increased security with BUCHI Cloud Services
    • Unattended operation
    • Automated execution of customized methods

    High flexibility

    • Modular design that fits individual requirements
    • A wide range of accessories for a wide range of applications
    • Flexible Interface positioning
    • Save time with mobile process monitoring

    Maximum convenience

    • Intuitive system operation with one touch commands
    • Easy handling of flasks with Combi-Clip
    • Fast reaction times thanks to real-time system control
    • More sample safety with personalized glassware

    Leave the distillation process unattended

    Thanks to the state-of-the-art sensors, you can reduce instrument hands-on time to mere seconds.



    Save time with mobile process monitoring

    The BUCHI Monitor App for PCs and mobile devices offer live views and graphical displays of process parameters, as well as push notifications when an action is required, to drastically reduce the hands-on time at the instrument and free valuable time for other tasks.

    Modular design that fits individual requirements

    The modularity of the system allows users to create a personalized platform that perfectly fits individual applications and budgets.

    Automated execution of customized methods

    With I-300 Pro, users can program the parameters of their own SOPs into the system and then preview the methods as graphs to reduce the risk of error.

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