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Alcon Laureate World Phaco

Alcon Laureate World Phaco

  • Brand Alcon
    Vitreous Cutter thickness 20G
    Pump Type Venturi
    Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg) 0 to 650 mmHg (0 to 86 kPa)
    Model Name/Number Laureate
    Phacoemulsification Mode Pulse,Continuous,Burst
    Tip Stroke 88.9 +- 27.0 um (.0035 +- .0005 in)


    Brand Alcon
    Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg) 0 to 650 mmHg (0 to 86 kPa)
    Model Name/Number Laureate
    Phacoemulsification Mode Pulse, Continuous, Burst
    Tip Stroke 88.9 +- 27.0 um (.0035 +- .0005 in)
    Resonant Frequency 38.0 +- 1.9 kHz
    Pulse Rate Range 0-100 pulse/second (depending on % Time On)
    Burst Length 5 to 500 ms
    U/S Power U/S power is defined as being proportional to ultrasound displacement of the phaco tip
    Anterior Vitrectomy Mode Cut I/A, I/A Cut
    Anterior Vitrectomy Cut Rate 10 to 1500 cuts/minute
    Aspiration Up to 60 cc per minute (mL/minute)
    Power IV Pole on Mobile Cart Height Range: 30 to 102 cm
    Weight Unpacked: 17.3 kg (38 pounds), Packed: 27.3 kg ( 60 pounds)
    Altitude Operating: 3,048 meters (10,000 feet), Non-operating : 12,191 meters (40,000 feet)
    Temperature: Operating: 10 Degree C to 35 Degree C (50 Degree F to 95 Degree F), Non-operating : 40 Degree C to 60 Degree C (-40 Degree F to 140 Degree F)
    Relative Humidity Operating: 10% to 95% Non-operating : 10% to 95%
    Power Supply 100 - 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Input Current 6 A
    Remote Control Method: Infrared, Channels: 4 ,Batteries: AAA (3)
    Protection Against Electric Shock Class I
    Data Card MMC (MultiMedia Card), or SD (Secure Digital) 32 Mb min

    Product DescriptionIntroducing the LAUREATE® World Phaco System. A higher level of traditional ultrasound is now within your reach.
    At Alcon, customer satisfaction isn’t just a promise. It’s our mission. That’s why we’re committed to meeting your needs around the clock, around the world. Our commitment begins by providing you with world-class surgical products that lead the way in innovation and technology.

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