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Agappe Mispa Count Plus Automated Hematology 5Part Diff Analyzer

Agappe Mispa Count Plus Automated Hematology 5Part Diff Analyzer

  • Automation Fully Automatic
    Instrument Name Haematology Analyzer
    Brand Agappe
    Usage/Application Hospital
    Differential Type 5-Part
    Number Of Chambers 2
    Number Of Parameters LYM
    User Input Touch


    Brand Agappe
    Differential Type 5-Part
    Model Name/Number Count Plus
    Weight 12 Kg
    Dimension 405 x 270 x 430 mm (H x W x D)
    Series Mispa
    Screen 8.4-inch LCD touch screen
    Input Power 100-200 V AC
    Output 24V - 6.25 Amp
    Power Consumption 160 Watt
    Working temperature 18-32 Degree C
    Relative Humidity 80%
    Mode Open Vial

    Product DescriptionOverview

    Reliable and accurate results is the need of time. Mispa Count Plus is a compact 5 part differential hematology analyzer (differential cell counter) which offers cutting edge technology solutions to perfectly satisfy the quality needs of the laboratory. Mispa Count Plus comes with the German technology, to efficiently generate reliable and accurate results, and thereby ensures the right fit for the laboratory. Mispa Count plus is a logical choice for those who are looking for a cost-effective solution with no compromise on quality. Agappe’s Mispa Count Plus, a 5 Part differential cell counter establishes a new standard in blood count analysis providing remarkable laboratory savings in space, time and operating costs.


    • 5 Part Differential Cell Counter with 3 Histogram and Scatter plot for WBC
    • 8.4” LCD touch screen matching the eye contrast ratio
    • Efficient system with throughput of 60 Samples/Hour
    • LED (Light Emitting Diode) based flow cytometry
    • Triple counting technology for accurate results
    • Sturdy hardware with minimal maintenance & optimal workflow management
    • Low operational cost and improved laboratory efficiency with Cyanide free reagent
    • Storage capacity of 35,000 results memory with scatter plot
    • Sampling Modes – Whole blood (15.6 uL) | Pre-diluted (20 uL)
    • Aperture size of 80 micron for WBC & 50 micron for RBC and PLT
    • Connectivity of 5 USB ports, RS 232, Ethernet – RJ45
    • Reagents – Diluent D5, Cleaner C5, Lyse L5, Probe Cleaner P5


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