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Thermo Fisher Phadia 200 Diagnostics testing instrument

Thermo Fisher Phadia 200 Diagnostics testing instrument

  • Brand Thermo Fisher
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Voltage 110-240 VAC
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 55 cm x 80 cm x 47 cm
    Weight 47 kg
    Number of samples 42 sample tube positions/run
    Sample tube dimension Outer diameter: 10 to 16 mm Height: 42 to 100 mm
    Batch cycle time Up to 4 hours at max capacity

    Product DescriptionA small footprint. A big step forward in benchtop automation.
    Fits any workflow


    The Phadia 200 instrument fits any workflow, allowing you to retain control of your own samples, increase your testing flexibility, and improve operational efficiencies through instrument automation. It provides a simple way to easily expand the range of tests you offer and the number of tests you run, in limited space, with little training time and with the same high-quality, quantitative results you can expect from any of our Phadia™ Laboratory Systems.


    Big on flexibility

    • Small footprint for flexibility in workspace configuration.
    • Capable of running our complete test menu.
    • Invest in the future with access to a growing number of ImmunoCAP and EliA tests.
    • Stand-alone operation, network connected or in a cluster* networked with other Phadia instruments to fit your workflow.

    Big on efficiency

    • Walk-away capability from testing—full automation from sample scanning to final results.
    • Reduced risk for human error with increased automation.
    • LIS integration to ensure streamlined workflows. 
    • Train quickly and work efficiently with Phadia™ Prime operator software.
    • Automated release of approved test results, enabling you to deliver results to your customers quickly.
    • Process up to 42 samples at a time and provide up to 192* test results per day.

    Big on confidence

    • Provides quantitative results of clinically relevant antibodies that are traceable to international reference standards.
    • Proven data consistency over time for ImmunoCAP and EliA tests.
    • 28-day stored calibration curve.
    • Support and troubleshooting enhanced by the Phadia LabCommunity connectivity.
    • LIS connection for efficient and safe data transfer.
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