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ResMed Astral 100 Ventilator

ResMed Astral 100 Ventilator

  • Model Astral 100
    Dimensions 285 mm x 215 mm x 93 mm (L x W x H)
    Weight 3.2 kg
    Brand ResMed
    Respiratory Rate Adult Off,2 to 50 bpm,Pediatric Off,5 to 80 bpm
    Internal Battery Lithium-Ion battery,14.4 V,6.6 Ah,95 Wh. 8 hrs of backup power
    Warranty 60 months
    ResScan Via Download 365 days of summary data,7 days of detailed data
    AirView RCM required 365 days of summary data,7 days of detailed data
    Indications For Use Life support for patients over 5 kg
    Alarms A wide range of settable alarms are available,including FiO 2 and SpO 2 when connected.
    Sound Power Level 43 +/- 3 dBA***
    Sound Pressure Level 35 +/- 3 dBA***
    Apnea Ventilation Volume and pressure
    Preset Programs 2
    Delivered Pressure 2-50 (leak circuit),0-50 (valve circuit) (cm H2O)
    Delivered Tidal Volume Adult 100 to 2500 mL,Pediatric 50 to 300 mL (cm H2O)
    Data Monitoring Optional SpO2,Optional FiO 2
    On Screen 30 days of summary data,Real-time pressure and flow (25 Hz)


    • ResMed Astral 150™ comes with all the standard features of ResMed Astral 100™, plus two additional features
    • At only 7 lbs, Astral is lighter than the market-leading life support ventilator1
    • Feel more secure at home knowing healthcare providers can monitor your therapy remotely*
    • User-friendly menu and touch-sensitive big button feature make it easy to operate
    • Alarms alert caregivers when a potential issue with therapy arises
    • The security you need to enjoy life: The lightweight design and up to 16 hours** of continuous portable power allows you to confidently get out of the house with the Astral series of life support ventilators. And for added peace of mind, it enables physicians and HMEs with access to your therapy data* to better manage and improve your care – all within the ResMed secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud network.
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