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Randox Compact Chemistry Analyzer

Randox Compact Chemistry Analyzer

  • Automation Fully Automatic
    Brand Randox
    Model Name/Number Rx monaco
    Features Precision,Reliability & Accuracy
    Usage/Application Hospital
    Wash Station 12 stage washing system including acid,alkali,pure water wash steps cleans the 120 reusable cuvete
    Reaction Carousel The RX monaco has a cycle time of 15 seconds.




    • Up to 300 photometric tests/hr or up to 480 tests/hour with optional ISE module
    • Continuous sample loading – easy accessibility to the sample sectors without the need to open the analyzer
    • Intelligent operating software with automatic reflexing testing, QC scheduling and automatic method calibration.
    • 72 Positions reagent tray with onboard cooling and Internal Barcode scanner
    • 95 positions sample tray with internal barcode scanner. 
    • Clot detection and probe collision prevention system for safe and reliable operation.


    Technical Specifications


    Up to 300 photometric tests/hr or up to 480 tests/hour with optional ISE module




    • Sample volume: 2 to 100 μl/test (in increments of 1 μl).
    • Sample tray: 95 (5 racks x 19 positions).
    • Primary tube (length up to 100 mm)
    • Pediatric vial


    • Reagent tray: up to 72 single reagents
    • Multiple vials per test
    • Refrigerated compartment at 8 °C ± 1 °C



    • Pipetting Arm:One pipetting arm for sample and reagent, including reaction preheater, probe collision sensor, capacitive level sensor and reaction mixer.
    • Probe cleaning : Internal and external



    • Water consumption : 1.5 l / hour (deionized)
    • Reaction cuvette: 80 re-usable plastic cuvettes.Optical length: 6 mm 
    • Reaction volume: 180-500 μl
    • Warm air incubator: 37 °C
    • Reaction time :  0 to 10 min.
    • Washing station: 6 stages





    • Full random access or batch mode operation with STAT sample priority function 
    • Multiple methodology options- End point, Kinetic, Coagulation, Calculated, Turbidimetry, enzymes and Drugs of Abuse.
    • Choice of calibration options- Linear, Multilinear, Sigmoid, Logit-log ( 4 & 5 point) & spline
    • Automatic sample dilution and reflex testing 
  • List number: - R

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