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Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner Marvel Ii a / b - Scan With Ubm

Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner Marvel Ii a / b - Scan With Ubm

  • Imaging Mode 3D/4D
    Usage/Application Hospital
    Model Name/Number MARVEL II A / B - SCAN
    Machine Condition New
    Brand App Swami
    Clinical Application General Imaging
    Type of Transducer/ Probe Linear Array
    Doppler Mode Color Doppler Velocity
    Monitor Size 22


    A-Scan Specification
    A-Scan 10MHZ with Fixation Light
    Scan Mode Manual & Auto
    Scan Method Contact & Immersion
    Gain Control 0% to 100%
    IOL Formulas SRKII, SRK T, Holladay 1, Binhorst II, Haigis, Hoffer Q
    B-Scan with UBM Specification
    Gain -128 to +128
    TGC Near, Mid, Far ( User adjustable slider )
    B - Scan Probe 12 MHZ ( Optional : 10 MHZ, 20 MHZ )
    UBM 35MHZ (Optional : 50MHZ)
    Scan Angle for 20 to 60 degree ( B-Scan ), 20 to 35 degree ( UBM )
    Vector density and sampling 256 vectors X 2048 points / per vector
    View Zone 30mm to 60mm ( B-Scan ), 15 to 18mm ( UBM )
    Axial Resolutions 300 microns ( B-Scan ), 40 Microns ( UBM )
    Lateral Resolution 500 microns (B-Scan ), 50 microns ( UBM )
    Data Base Dimensions 1Mb / Image
    Measurement Tools Angle, Caliper and Area
    Other Tools Arrow mark, Probe Orientation and Text annotation
    A/B Scans Capability A-Scan vector available as overlay on B-mode Images
    Velocity Adjustable to tissue or material being imaged
    Gray Scale 256
    Flood fill Colour Fill the false Colour for differentiate the image seqmen
    Image Gray levels
    Image Capture Rate 15fps
    Video Recording Avi format, Cine
    Image Buffer 600 Frames per cine ( Total 600 X 10= 6000 Frmaes )
    Image exporting PNG,jpeg, BMP,GIF, TIFF
    Report exporting jpeg, pdf, Html, MHT, Rtf, Xls, Xlsx, Csv, Text, Image
    System Control Input Devices USB Keyboard, Mouse & Foot Pedal
  • List number: - R

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