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Medion Altima I.C.u Ventilator

Medion Altima I.C.u Ventilator

  • Brand Medion
    Model Name/Number ALTIMA
    Ventilation Modes CMV(PC),AV(VC),CMV(VC)
    Respiratory Rate 0 to 180 bpm
    Patient Age Group Adult
    Mounting Type Portable
    Display Type Digital


    Product DescriptionDressed to Impress with an Aesthetically Enhanced DesignComplete FRP Fibre Construction

    This machine is fabricated completely of FRP Fibre single mould construction that is non-corrosive and long-lasting, in turn providing a light weight and aesthetically enhanced product

    Sophisticated Design

    One of the sleekest and most tasteful of designs, giving this machine a distinguished and aesthetically enhanced appearance

    Sleek and Intuitive Display Screen

    This machine comes elegantly furnished with a large 15 inches Colour Touch Screen for displaying various patient parameters

    Anti Static Castor Wheels

    This machine is easy to handle with 4 anti static castor wheels at the bottom with breaks on the front two to provide a sturdy base.

    Distinctive Features that make this machine Noteworthy

    • All Volume and Pressure Ventilation Modes
    • Dedicated Neonatal Modes of Ventilation
    • Advanced Modes of Ventilation – PRVC
    • Actual Flow Measurement
    • Lung Mechanics Package for better analysis of patient’s respiratory functions
    • Embedded FiO2 (Oxygen) Monitoring
    • Easy and Intuitive via 15 inches Touch Screen Display
    • Display of Waveforms and Loops
    • Back Up Ventilation
    • Battery Back Up incase of power failure
    • Medical Grade Air Compressor concealed within design
    • Can be upgraded to EtCO2 Monitoring (Capnography)
    • Ergonomically designed for optimum human interface
    • Bold and Sophisticated visual appearance
  • List number: - R

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