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Matrixlabs Autolumo A2000 Autobio

Matrixlabs Autolumo A2000 Autobio

  • Model Name/Number A1000 & A2000
    Brand Autolumo
    Throughput 100
    Total Assay Capability 100
    Power Supply 200-240 V
    Color White
    I Deal In New and Second Hand
    Automation Semi-Automatic

    Product DescriptionAUTOLUMO A1000 Immuno assay system is based on the principle of magnetic particle, glow Chemiluminescence technology…. It is meant for the diagnosis of Thyroids, Fertility,Cardiac,Prenatal screening, Glyco metabolism, Bone metabolism,ToRCH,Tumormarkers, Anaemia, Inflammation monitoring,Kidney function,Infectious like HIV,HBsAG,HCV & Syphilis..etc. It is a fully automated Random access analyser with true stat facility for sample. The throughput is up to 100 Tests/hour. 100 samples with continuous loading facility and 24 different reagents can be loaded at a time. Reagent Area is provided with cooling facility.Liquid level and clot detection facility available for sample/reagent probes. Reagent kits are Liquid stable and barcoded for identification . Calibrators and Internal quality controls are provided. Samples identification through Bar code scanner. System can connect with LIS. Auto dilution facility with preferable ratios available. Real time calibration curve used for assay calibration. Wide menu with special parameters available like TB IGRA,AMH,Prenatal,17-OH progesterone, HS CRP, Aldosterone, Angiotensin , Plasma Renin Activity , Hepatic Fibrosis , Reverse T3


  • List number: - R

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