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Mass Cytometry CyTOF XT

Mass Cytometry CyTOF XT

  • CyTOF XT System



    Mass range

    75–209 amu

    Abundance sensitivity


    Instrument response

    500 159Tb dual counts/EQ™ Six Element Calibration Beads

    Dynamic range

    4.5 orders of magnitud



    Operating system

    Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSC

    Sample introduction

    Dual syringe drive

    Flow rate

    30 µL/min



    Sample format

    12 x 5 mL tube positions 1 x 15 mL tube positions

    Reagent reservoir

    Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution Plus for CyTOF® XT 1L Maxpar Water 500 mL Maxpar Washing Solution for CyTOF XT™ 500 mL



    Intel® Core™ i7


     GB DDR

    Data storage

    3.6 TB (2x 2 TB RAID0)

    Power supply

    300 W


    86 cm (34 in) LED

    Keyboard and mouse

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