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Humalyzer 4000 Semi Automated Analyzer

Humalyzer 4000 Semi Automated Analyzer

  • Reaction Cuvette Flow Cell
    Usage/Application Hospital
    Voltage 220v
    Power electricity
    Country of Origin Made in India
    Material plastic


    Storage Internal SD card
    Wavelength 750 mm
    Weight 5.7 Kg
    Flow Cell 32 ul flow cell or square cuvettes
    Resolution 1200 P
    Dimension 31 x 39 x 18 cm
    Power 240 V
    Type DSLR
    Sensor Size 5 Inch
    Focal Length 22 mm
    Material ABS
    Packaging Type Box
    Technical Data HumaLyzer 4000
    Graphic display 800x480 pixel colour touch screen
    Result storage Internal SD card, 8 GB
    Method storage 144 methods
    Flow cell system 32 microliter flow cell or square cuvettes
    Photom. range Up to 2.5 OD

    Product DescriptionHumaLyzer 4000Top-Class Semi-Automatic Photometer 

    • High accuracy & precision  –  reference channel optics
    • Reliable German engineering & manufacturing
    • Remote access via internet for support & assistanceCoreLab DX

    Quality and precision

    • Reference channel optics
    • Engineered and manufactured in Germany

    Designed for tough conditions

    • Sealed photometer
    • Low energy consumption – 5W reflector lamp with safe mode
    • Temperature regulated fan with filter for minimum noise and dust
    • Remote use capability: HumaPower battery pack & solar panel

    Easy and efficient to use

    • HUMAN clinical chemistry methods preinstalled
    • Open channels for user-defined methods
    • User-replaceable lamp and pump tubes
    • Optimized workflow using a work list for sample input
    • Multi-language software (English, French, Spanish)

    Cutting-edge data handling

    • LIS (Ethernet, uni-directional)
    • Update of methods and software via USB stick or network
    • Backup on USB stick or network
    • Searchable result database
    • Reaction curve shown and saved for every test
    • Remote access via internet for support and assistance
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