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Ge Healthcare Senographe Essential E Mammography Machine

Ge Healthcare Senographe Essential E Mammography Machine

  • Brand GE
    Machine Type Digital
    Imaging Mode 3D
    Swivel Range 180 to - 180 Degree
    Filter Mo/Rh
    Detector Technology CR Cassette
    X-Ray Release Options Control console
    Single Phase Power Requirements 110 V, 220 V
    List No. r


    usage/application hospital
    brand ge healthcare
    model name/number essential e
    type mammogram machine
    display type digital
    field view 19 x 23 cm

    product descriptionoverview:

    • the senographe essential e is a full-field digital mammography system designed to be a flexible screening unit that gives you the option to add technology as necessary.
    • with the senographe essential e, you can purchase only the technology required to conduct a screening exam now, but if you later decide you want to add diagnostic or even interventional capabilities, you can do that without having to purchase a new system.
    • whether for use in a doctor’s office, screening clinic, mobile mammography unit, or hospital, the senographe essential e delivers.


    • in addition to providing the benefits you’ve come to expect from a pioneer in digital mammography, the senographe essential e is a valuable tool capable of delivering a comprehensive range of procedures — from screening to diagnostics to interventional procedures.


    • senographe essential e helps make mammography easy for you and your patients by:


    • offering fast positioning.
    • providing imaging flexibility.
    • helping you see breast tissue clearly.


    • every senographe mammography system uses the same integrated image chain.
    • ge is the only imaging vendor that owns the image chain from start to finish.
    • from x-ray tube to detector to image-reconstruction software, every component contributes to high image quality at the optimum dose for each patient’s breast composition.

    senographe essential e offers:

    outstanding image quality:

    • enhanced detective quantum efficiency (dqe).
    • molybdenum/rhodium dual track tube.
    • automatic optimization of parameters (aop) that transparently selects all exposure parameters based on breast radiological properties.
    • three aop modes that enable flexibility in dose management.
    • enhanced conspicuity with fine view and improved contrast with premium view.
  • List number: - R

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