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Ft-Nir Spectrometer

Ft-Nir Spectrometer

  • Brand Bruker
    Model Name/Number Tango
    Wavelength accuracy +- 0.5 nm
    Weight 18.6 kg
    Usage/ Application Laboratory
    Dimension 292 mm x 438 mm x 175 mm
    Resolution Better than 4 cm-1
    Spectral Range 11,500 cm


    Model Name/Number Tango
    Brand Bruker
    Resolution Better than 4 cm-1
    Housing Rugged, sealed and desiccated housing
    NIR Source Air Cooled Tungsten source (5 V/ 7W), average lifetime 9,000 h, pre-aligned, easily exchangeable
    Interferometer RockSolidTM, frictionless bearing, permanently aligned Quartz substrate beamsplitter with prop
    Laser diode Average Lifetime 10+ years
    Detector InGaAs diode, TE-cooled and temperature-stabilized
    Sample Presentation Reflection measurements in cups, Petri dishes or disposable vials background measurement w/o removin
    Spectral Range 11,500 cm
    Wavenumber Reproducibility Better than 0.04 cm-1, at 7,181 cm-1
    Wavenumber Accuracy Better than 0.1 cm-1, at 7,181 cm-1
    Photometric Accuracy Better than 0.1% T
    Data Acquisition 24-bit A/D converter
    Automation microprocessor controlled optical bench, digital speed control, automatic gain selection, internal b
    Performance Check permanent on-line diagnostics of all optical components, automation units and sampling accessorise
    Connectivity Ethernet interface, 10/100 Mbps
    Spectrometer (w x d x h) 292 mm x 438 mm x 175 mm (plus max. 212 mm height for monitor)
    Weight 18.6 kg (17.5 kg w/o data system)
    Protection NEMA 13 / IP54
    Operating Temperature 5 deg C to 35 deg C
    Storage Temperature -20 deg C to 70 deg C
    Operating Relative Humidity < 80% non-condensing
    Power requirements 100 VAC, 50 Hz, 75 W (typical 40 W)
    Regulatory Certification and Compliance CE, WEEE and RoHS
    Minimum Order Quantity 2 Piece

    List number: - R

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