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Digital Ge Healthcare Senoclaire Mammography Machine

Digital Ge Healthcare Senoclaire Mammography Machine

  • Brand GE
    Machine Type Digital
    Imaging Mode 3D
    Swivel Range 180 to - 180 Degree
    Filter Mo/Rh
    Detector Technology CR Cassette
    X-Ray Release Options Control console
    Single Phase Power Requirements 110 V, 220 V
    List No. r


    screen more effectively:

    • due to its low dose and non-inferior clinical accuracy, senoclaire has the potential to replace digital mammography exams in screening at half the dose to help you detect breast cancer.
    • as part of the learning curve process, an additional cc view may be considered along with the 3d mlo view, which will help radiologists become more comfortable with reviewing only the 3d mlo sequence in the near future1.

    characterize more specifically:

    • senoclaire enables better characterization of malignant and benign findings by providing a 3d mlo view that has superior detection for architectural distortions and masses1 compared with 2d ffdm.
    • clinical results have shown that the recall rate after a 3d mlo examination is lower than the recall rate after a 2d ffdm exam.

    powered by senoclaire technology:

    • the senoclaire detector delivers high dqe at the low dose for visualizing microcalcifications without binning, a process that regroups pixels for faster readout speeds and improved signal-to-noise ratios, but with reduced image quality.
    • step-and-shoot tube motion preserves microcalcification sharpness and avoids image blur, since the tube makes a complete stop for each of the nine exposures.
    • this provides higher peak contrast for microcalcifications than traditional continuous tube motion.
    • an anti-scatter solution designed for tomosynthesis, the senoclaire grid in 3d reduces scattered radiation and improves detectability in 3d for breasts of above-average thickness, while preserving dose and performance.
    • senoclaire uses asirdbt, an iterative reconstruction algorithm that yields ffdm-like images and positively impacts microcalcification conspicuity versus the traditional filtered back projection (fbp) algorithm.

    care with confidence:

    • because ge builds the senographe with upgradability in mind, you can easily expand the system as your needs and capabilities grow.
    • senoclaire 3d breast tomosynthesis, stereotaxy, or senobright contrast-enhanced spectral mammography are fully compatible with any senographe essential and senographe care.
  • List number: - R

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