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Appasamy Galaxy Pro Orbit Ophthalmic Phaco Emulsifier Machine

Appasamy Galaxy Pro Orbit Ophthalmic Phaco Emulsifier Machine

  • Brand Appasamy
    Pump Type Peristaltic
    Model Number Galaxy Pro Orbit
    Maximum Vacuum (in mmHg) 5 - 650mmHg (Linear/Non Linear)
    Hand Piece Light weight, Longitudinal & Transverse, 6 Crystals
    U/S modes Continuous/Pulse/Micro pulse/Burst mode/ Mburst / Occlusion pulse/Occlusion Micro pulse
    U/S power 1 -100%
    Irrigation Fluid Delivery Gravity fed / Continuous / Foot operated
    Irrigation I/V pole Manual / Motorized
    Aspiration Flow Rate 1 - 50 CC/min (Linear/Non Linear)
    Aspiration Rise Time 1, 2 & 3
    Diathermy Power Bipolar, 1.2W for 200(Ohms) 500KHZ, 8.5W for 350 (Ohms) 386KHZ
    Diathermy Control 5 - 100% (Linear/Non Linear) in all surgical modes
    Vitrectomy Cutter Type Guillotine, Single, 60-3000cuts/min, 20G, 23G & 25G compatible
    Vitrectomy Mode (Linear/Non Linear)
    User 10 Users
    User Programmable Mode U/S 1, U/S 2, U/S 3, I/A 1, I/A 2, I/A 3, CAPVAC, DIA & VIT
    Foot Switch Multi-Functional foot switch with user programmable foot pedal angles & side buttons.
    User Interface Clear 10.4' LCD display with soft touch interface
    Video Overlay Video overlay facility available in all modes
    Instrument Trolley Compact machine trolley with instrument tray
    Main Power 110-230V AC
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Power Rating 150 VA (max)
    Dimension 420mm (L) X 440mm (B) X 190mm (H)
    Weight Console Weight: 9.5 KG

    Product DescriptionIn this advanced Phacoemulsification era, Galaxy PRO ORBIT is equipped with state of the art features which cater the need to handle any grade of Cataracts with utmost safety and efficiency standards.

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