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Acteon 3D And Panoramic X Mind Trium CBCT Machine

Acteon 3D And Panoramic X Mind Trium CBCT Machine

  • Brand Acteon
    Model Name/Number X-Mind Trium
    Voxel Size for Image Quality 75 Micron
    Field of View (in cm) 40 x 40 mm,60 x 60 mm,80 x 80 mm,110 x 80 mm
    Scan of Head
    Reconstruction Time of Scan 29 seconds
    Exposure Time 12-30 seconds
    Tube Type High frequency DC generator
    Mode of operation Continuous
    Tube voltage 60 - 85 kVp
    Anodic current 4 - 10 mA
    Focal spot 0.5 mm

    Product DescriptionACTEON's CBCT integrates high performance, state-of-the-art tools to increase diagnostic reliability and improve patient care. With X-Mind® trium and ACTEON® Imaging Suite software, treatment becomes more efficient and safer, less traumatic and therefore less stressful. Bone density around the dental implant is assessed with a single click, allowing easier clinical decision-making. Its simplified implant planning program generates complete reports in less than a minute.
    X-Mind trium provides 4 different types of field of view going from 40x40mm to 110x80mm. The smallest field of view (Ø40x40) allows ultra-high-resolution images (75 µm), making it the new reference in endodontics.

    X-Mind trium adapts to the growing needs of dental offices by pairing 2D panoramic with 3D imaging and digital cephalometric analysis when necessary. Cephalometric radiography offers simpler patient positioning and the smallest physical footprint on the market.
    X-Mind trium is the ultimate Mac-compatible therapeutic tool that adapts to the dental professional’s working environment.

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